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Khulo is one of the high mountainous regions of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara. It is 600-300m above the seabed. Khulo is situated to the west of the Arsiani Range. The Region mainly consists of Ghorjomistskali, Skhaltistskali, and Acharistskali valleys.

Total area: 710sq.km;
Population: 36835 people;
Average annual temperature: 12,10C;
Average annual precipitation: 1120-15000mm;
Climate: mild continental;
Region centre: Khulo District Centre;

Marvelous natural beauty of Khulo district and nearby villages is viewed from the Khulo-Tago 1700m cable railway, which is the second unique one in Europe with its architecture.

Khulo Region is rich in mineral resources. The Geological Department has only researched the Tsablana, the Khikhadzeri, the Danisparauli, the Diocnise, the Abanokeli, and the Kinchauri out of 25 mineral spas in the Region. The local population has used the spas for drinking and medical purpose since ancient times. The spas belong to hydro-carbon-sulfate-chloride-sodium water groups with average temperature 6-150C.

Thermal water of Boghauri village is known from ancient times. Water includes sulphuretted hydrogen carbonate. Its average temperature fluctuates 30-350C.

Thermal water is found in Bichauri village area. Water includes sulphuretted hydrogen carbonate. Its average temperature fluctuates 30-350C.

Chemical structure and mineralization of the abovementioned mineral waters makes them useful for medical purpose.

There is an aggregate quarry in Danisparauli village.

The main income source for the local population is potato grown on 1167h area. There was gathered 25 thousand ton potato in 2004. There is also developed corn and vegetable growing, tobacco growing, fruit, beekeeping there.

Cattle breeding are widely developed in the Region. According to statistic data there are 49 thousand cattle and 6000 livestock in the Region. 16000h of alpine zone area are used for summer pastures.

Among the historical monuments one should mention the Uchkho stone arch bridge (VIIIc), church remains in the villages Thkhilvana, Vernebi, Kaloti, Satsikhuri, Tikanauri, Vanadzeebi. Restoration works in the Khikhani Fortress made it possible to launch tourist routs: the Vardtsikhe (Khikhadziri) - Khikhani Fortress (XIIIc), and the Goderdzi Pass – the Green Lake – the Black Lake.

Village Kedlebi (Cholono area, 4km far from Khulo District centre) is known with heavy snowfalls. The territory is surrounded by pine and mixed forests. The area is rich in pure streams.

The Region has great perspectives for tourism development. Annually resort Beshumi, which is 2000m above the seabed in high alpine nature, can serve over 30 000 tourists in resort hostels and cottages during summer season.

In case of development a winter resort infrastructure, Beshumi can serve sportsmen and holidaymakers from November to April, and arrange camping during summer period.

There is Skhalta and Annunciation churches, and two mosques in villages Dekanashvilebi and Ghorjomi. Visitors can also be interested in the Museum of Local Lore, Abuserisdze Tbeli (in Tkhilvana) and Sheriff Khimshiashvili (in Skhalta) museums, and the Art Gallery in the Khulo district centre.

Shuamtoba and Tbeloba are traditional local festivals. They take place in the first half of August.

Governon: David Tschelidze

Address: No 1 Abuseridze Tbeli Str.
Khulo District Centre
Tel/fax: (+995 423) 70001



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